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EarthSafe promotes the creation of eco-conscious and fashionable products that simultaneously provide a livelihood and drives social empowerment for the upliftment of special interest groups. The underlying concept of this idea is to share the responsibility of caring for Earth and carrying forward Nature for the next generation.


We are backed by a state of the art facility with unmatched production capacity and proven delivery capabilities.


High end quality control, with innovation and customisation for specific requirements


Good quality materials that are biodegradable and meet all regulations whilst providing durability and strength.

Our Products


Basic Bags

Nothing is as stylish as going green, so use your simple cotton fabric tote in place of plastic and paper bags and do your bit in contributing to the preservation of Mother Nature


Fashion Bags

Check out our extensive collection of fashion bags that are created using a unique mix of high tech accuracy and expert (wo)man power.


Utility Bags

Environmentally friendly, multi purpose and durable! Our customisable utility bags are at the forefront of the eco-revolution and also support a social initiative

Spinning Cotton Bag

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Our products are created by over 700 member team and is ever growing, with women comprising more than 90% of the workforce. Their hard work, passion and creativity is supported and encouraged by safe, high quality materials and state of the art machines. When you buy a bag from us, you are contributing to the preservation of our environment and to the livelihood of this under-represented, yet highly dedicated community.


Delivering at scale to the

Biggest brands

Our associate partner already supplies to some of the most responsible and quality conscious brands who operate at scale. The facilities and their process and production capabilities have been built over years of fine tuning and shrewd investments. Our clients enjoy the rewards of this facility through high quality products, supplied at scale, and delivered on time.

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Earth Safe Cloth Bag

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