8 Easy Tips for Living with Less Plastic

The amount of plastic polluting landfills, rivers, and oceans is staggering to say the very least. It has a devastating effect on both soil and marine life, killing millions of life forms annually. Not only this, the plastic breaks down into tiny toxic particles that eventually enter the human water supply and food chain too.

It’s frightening to think that the plastic waste generated is actually indestructible for the next few generations. It never really goes away, but continues to exist somewhere, toxically polluting the environment.

Modern human lifestyles have become deeply interwoven with plastics and while it’s difficult to avoid them completely, an attempt must be made to curb dependence on the use of single-use plastics at least. Each person needs to make simple changes in their habits to stem plastic-dependent lifestyles. Only then can mankind decelerate the speed at which plastic pollution is destroying the planet. Here are some simple lifestyle habits you can make:

1. Take reusable cotton bags with you for shopping. This will reduce dependence on single-use plastic bags which are common pollutants found in waterways.

2. Use steel or glass bottles which have long shelf-lives. Reduce dependence on single-use plastic bottles – they take 450 years to decompose!

3. Restaurants include disposable cutleries and straws with their takeaways. Say no to these single-use articles and do your bit to save the environment!

4. Go with reusable containers to pack your food instead of cling wrap. By ditching plastic wraps, you are saving your environment from potential harm.

5. Instead of depending on plastic disposable cups, take your own reusable coffee/tea cup along. This way, you can enjoy your drink without polluting the environment in the process!

6. As an alternative to plastic bags to weigh your fruits/veggies, go with crocheted or hessian bags that fulfill the same purpose without adding more plastic to an over-burdened environment.

7. Store leftovers in glass jars instead of plastic ware and minimize your dependence on plastic.

8. Fast-food takeaways include a lot of single-use plastic usage. Opt to eat at home and reduce your plastic waste generation – and your waistline!

By following these simple lifestyle changes and reducing plastic usage, you can drastically reduce your environmental footprint.

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