Our Story

EarthSafe was founded with a mission of ushering in a new era of sustainability in the e-commerce space and do our bit to ensure a cleaner and greener planet.

Most of the States in India have banned plastic and related products. The Prime Minister of India has chalked about a mission to remove single use plastics from our day-to-day life. It is in this context our Associate Company, Earthsave Private Limited – www.earthsave.in and EarthSafe LLP have forged a relationship by which EarthSafe will focus on the sales and marketing activities.

Currently our associates have 3 factories in Bangalore and 1 in Mandya, Karnataka, India which employs over 600 women employees providing livelihood and empowering them. Our plan is to open more factories to cater to the replacement of plastic and save mother earth.

EarthSafe shall market and sell these cotton bags and provide the customer an everlasting experience and fulfillment. Our logo clearly depicts that we care and carry mother earth and make it more greener!