Why Are Cotton Bags Better Than Plastic?

With all the global debates raging around sustainability and the need to move away from over-dependence on plastics, it’s becoming a common sight these days to see shoppers with their own cotton tote bags. Of course, stricter regulations, taxes and outright bans by some countries, have further helped in people turning away from the usage…

Types of Packaging Boxes

The world has truly become a global village with commerce being a common factor between nations. Packaging plays a big role when it comes to transportation of products from one place to another and boxes or cartons are the ideal go-to product. These paper-based packaging comes with different names including cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes, folding…

reusable bags advantages
Five Reasons You Should Use Reusable Grocery Bags

Making changes to one’s lifestyle in order to decrease the impact on the environment is a noble cause. The fact that we live in a world where recycling has become so popular indicates that people do realise their role in protecting the planet. Plastic bags have been the most used form of packaging for the…

customized cotton tote bags - earth safe
How to Increase Your Brand Engagement with Customized Tote Bags?

Effective advertising is essential for business growth. Customized tote bags are a great way to advertise your product and build your business, but getting these bags to your customers is the real challenge. Do keep in mind that the bags need to be attractive, for customers to feel good using them. To communicate your message…

organic cotton
5 Reasons to Choose Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is cultivated without the use of toxic chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides. Its processing and cloth production process is also curated off the use of any harmful artificial products to ascertain it maintains its organic status. Sadly enough, only 1% of the world’s cotton is grown organically. The remaining 99% traditionally grown cotton involves…

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8 Easy Tips for Living with Less Plastic

The amount of plastic polluting landfills, rivers, and oceans is staggering to say the very least. It has a devastating effect on both soil and marine life, killing millions of life forms annually. Not only this, the plastic breaks down into tiny toxic particles that eventually enter the human water supply and food chain too.…

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Tips for Cleaning a Cotton Face Mask

To slow down the spread of COVID-19, it is important you were a face mask to protect yourself and others. This becomes more pertinent in schools, movie theaters, and while shopping at grocery stores where it’s impossible to maintain social distancing. Everyone needs to wear masks except those under 2 years old and those with…

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Effect of Plastic on Forests & Wildlife

Plastic use has clearly taken over human lives. There is dependence on plastics in nearly every sphere of life, starting from feeding bottles, to toys, furniture, plates, parts of automobiles, and even the clothes we wear! And for something that is so useful, it’s distressing to note that plastics take approximately a 1000 years to…

cotton laundry bags - earth safe
Is it Necessary to Buy Laundry Bags?

There are certain items necessary for any home to function normally and smoothly. Though the list is long, interestingly, the laundry bag stands out. Instead of going for a laundry basket made of plastic – which is getting a bad rap these days due to increasing global plastic pollution – why not go for a…

business bags - earth safe
How to Choose a Business Bag?

The bag that you carry to your place of business isn’t just an accessory to complete your ensemble, but also represents your ideology and what you stand for. Your business bag is an indispensable personal tool that accompanies you everywhere on a working day. When buying a business bag, you will find an endless variety…