The Top 5 Designer Bag Fabrics That You Should Know

Handbags form an essential part of your ensemble; they should be functional as well as add the ‘oomph’ factor to your outfit. The type of handbag a person uses says a lot about their personality and are more than just a utility for fashion. The material used to make the bag can transform it from…

Difference Between Canvas Bags and Cotton Bags

With the world becoming more conscious of environmental pollution and the menace posed by single-use plastics, they are increasingly turning towards the use of responsibly-sourced materials that don’t pose a hazard to other life forms. Due to their high level of eco-friendliness, people are increasingly turning towards sustainable and environment-friendly options like cotton and canvas…

5 Reasons for Choosing Cotton Fashion Bags

The world is slowly waking up to the global pollution being caused by the indiscriminate use of single-use plastics, especially plastic bags. Which is also why people are increasingly turning towards the use of organic cotton bags in their daily life. Made of natural fibers, cotton bags are environment-friendly, sustainable and biodegradable. They are soft…

Environmental Benefits of Cotton Bags

With global warming and environmental pollution on the rise, there is a glaring need for humans to change their lifestyles. Every little effort made towards curbing pollution matters. With plastic bags being a major source of pollution in the oceans, soil and waterways and eventually getting into the food chain, there is a need for…

Benefits of Having Custom-made Shopping Bags

With increased visibility of the impact of plastics on the ecosystem, more people are turning away from their dependence on plastic products, and moving towards more environment-friendly products. In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, individuals are moving away with using single-use, disposable products and opting for recycled and repurposed products instead. And when…

How Cotton Bags are Made

With people becoming more aware of the negative impacts of plastic bags on the environment and other living things, there has been a parallel increase in interest in sustainable bags. Cotton bags are made of natural materials that is biodegradable and can be easily recycled without harming the ecosystem. The Making Process Cotton fibers are…

Why Are Cotton Bags Better Than Plastic?

With all the global debates raging around sustainability and the need to move away from over-dependence on plastics, it’s becoming a common sight these days to see shoppers with their own cotton tote bags. Of course, stricter regulations, taxes and outright bans by some countries, have further helped in people turning away from the usage…

Types of Packaging Boxes

The world has truly become a global village with commerce being a common factor between nations. Packaging plays a big role when it comes to transportation of products from one place to another and boxes or cartons are the ideal go-to product. These paper-based packaging comes with different names including cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes, folding…

reusable bags advantages
Five Reasons You Should Use Reusable Grocery Bags

Making changes to one’s lifestyle in order to decrease the impact on the environment is a noble cause. The fact that we live in a world where recycling has become so popular indicates that people do realise their role in protecting the planet. Plastic bags have been the most used form of packaging for the…

customized cotton tote bags - earth safe
How to Increase Your Brand Engagement with Customized Tote Bags?

Effective advertising is essential for business growth. Customized tote bags are a great way to advertise your product and build your business, but getting these bags to your customers is the real challenge. Do keep in mind that the bags need to be attractive, for customers to feel good using them. To communicate your message…