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Tips for Cleaning a Cotton Face Mask

To slow down the spread of COVID-19, it is important you were a face mask to protect yourself and others. This becomes more pertinent in schools, movie theaters, and while shopping at grocery stores where it’s impossible to maintain social distancing. Everyone needs to wear masks except those under 2 years old and those with…

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Effect of Plastic on Forests & Wildlife

Plastic use has clearly taken over human lives. There is dependence on plastics in nearly every sphere of life, starting from feeding bottles, to toys, furniture, plates, parts of automobiles, and even the clothes we wear! And for something that is so useful, it’s distressing to note that plastics take approximately a 1000 years to…

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Is it Necessary to Buy Laundry Bags?

There are certain items necessary for any home to function normally and smoothly. Though the list is long, interestingly, the laundry bag stands out. Instead of going for a laundry basket made of plastic – which is getting a bad rap these days due to increasing global plastic pollution – why not go for a…

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How to Choose a Business Bag?

The bag that you carry to your place of business isn’t just an accessory to complete your ensemble, but also represents your ideology and what you stand for. Your business bag is an indispensable personal tool that accompanies you everywhere on a working day. When buying a business bag, you will find an endless variety…

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Why Tote Bags are the Best Fashion Accessory?

Though the popularity of tote bags has witnessed ups and downs in the past, totes are definitely in vogue now. These fashion staples come with side handles that can be easily loped over the shoulders and their wide opening is usually unfastened. These stylish bags may or may not come with different sections and can…

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Tips for Cleaning a Cotton Bag

Cotton is a strong, soft and breathable natural material that can be used to create a variety of things – aside from your clothes. And with the world being increasingly burdened by plastic waste, including single-use plastic shopping bags, reusable cotton bags have become a popular replacement for them. Aside from looking more stylish, cotton…

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Benefits of Reusable Bags in Building Brand Awareness

Staying ahead of your competitors is always a challenge and can appear daunting to most businesses. However, staying ahead with your brand is easier now as the world slowly turns towards a sustainable lifestyle to lower their carbon footprint. This has meant that the use of reusable cotton bags is becoming increasingly in vogue now,…

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Cotton Bags for Food Storage

Single use, disposable plastic bags might appear very handy to use, but they invariably end up polluting the environment and eventually entering the human food chain to cause lethal harm. Not only do these plastic bags pollute our air, soil, waterways and oceans, but also birds, animals and fishes, and eventually humans. It’s high time…

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Fashion Bag

After diamonds, it’s bags that are a woman’s best friend. No matter what the situation, women can magically conjure up solutions from the depths of their bag any day! However, when it comes to buying a bag, it becomes an entirely different ball game. The bag has to be just right to fit in the…

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Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Face Masks in Public

Face masks have become an essential accessory in the fight against the spread of the current pandemic. When the face mask is worn properly, it not only protects the wearer from getting infected, but also prevents the wearer from spreading infection. Masks are a very effective barrier against the outside world when used properly. However,…