Cotton Bags for Food Storage

Single use, disposable plastic bags might appear very handy to use, but they invariably end up polluting the environment and eventually entering the human food chain to cause lethal harm. Not only do these plastic bags pollute our air, soil, waterways and oceans, but also birds, animals and fishes, and eventually humans.

It’s high time there was a change in mind-sets and governing policies and an attempt made to stall this poisoning of the earth’s environment. There are other eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags including cloth bags. These cotton bags are strong, sturdy and biodegradable; they promote the shelf life of whatever food is stored inside them, whether that is vegetables, fruits or cereals.

Here is a look at some reasons why you should consider a switch to using cotton bags for food storage.

• Cotton bags are soft breathable bags that are ideal for storing food.

• They are eco-friendly and made of 100% cotton material.

• No chemicals are used in the production process of these food bags, so no chemicals leach into your stored food.

• Cotton bags are usually made of washed cotton material; to ensure they don’t shrink after use.

• The best part is that cotton bags can be easily washed and reused multiple times.

• Plastic bags are single use and need to be discarded after use.

• Unlike plastic bags, cotton bags don’t impart a ‘plasticy’ smell to the food stored within it.

• These cotton bags can be hand or machine washed at home.

• Cotton bags for food storage are made of undyed cotton fabric, thus making them completely safe for food storage.

• Cotton bags are ideal for storing vegetables and fruits in the fridge as they absorb excess moisture and prevent the fresh produce from spoiling.

• Cotton bags are handy for storing dry grains, legumes and cereals.

• They are equally good for storage of fresh vegetables and fruits, both inside and outside the fridge.

• Interestingly, cotton bags actually prolong the freshness of fruits and vegetables as they are soft and breathable.

• Cotton food storage bags come with a convenient drawstring for closing.

• These cotton bags look aesthetic and trendy too!

With so many positives to using cotton bags, it’s high time you switched over to them for food storage too!

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