Cotton Bags: The Best Solution for Everyday Shopping

With an increasing awareness about the drastic side effects of plastic pollution in our environment, people are looking for alternatives to plastics. One of these is the cloth or cotton shopping bag. It is a major upgrade on the single-use, disposable HDPE plastic bags that had been very popular till recently.

Though the average life of a disposable plastic bag is considered to be a mere 15 minutes, it stays around undegraded in the environment for another 500 years! And what is even more shocking is that there are at least 500 billion of these plastic bags being produced every year. What’s more, the production of these plastic bags also uses up substantial amounts of dwindling fossil fuel. And considering that a lot more money is further required to dispose of these HDPE bags safely, its become obvious that organic alternatives are much better.

Cotton bags are reusable bags made of natural fibers and here’s why they make better solutions for everyday shopping.

1. Being organic in nature, they do not have a negative impact on the environment and easily degrade back into nature.

2. To further reduce their impact on the environment, cotton bags are often made of up-cycled materials. These bags can be made as a DIY project or bought commercially.

3. One of the best features of cotton bags is that they are lightweight and easily tucked away into a corner of your purse.

4. They are convenient for buying veggies or day-to-day items on your way back home from work.

5. Whats even better is that they are easily washable and durable for a number of shopping trips.

6. Cotton bags are increasingly becoming a fashion symbol and come printed with interesting designs. They also come in different sizes with short and long handle options.

7. Using a cotton bag is safer than using 500-700 non-degradable plastic bags in a year.

8. With many shops now charging extra for a plastic bag, it makes sense to take your own reusable bag along instead.

Shoppers are becoming increasingly smarter with most of them preferring to go with cotton bags rather than contributing to plastic pollution with single-use plastic bags.

cotton bags - earth safe