Environmental Benefits of Cotton Bags

With global warming and environmental pollution on the rise, there is a glaring need for humans to change their lifestyles. Every little effort made towards curbing pollution matters. With plastic bags being a major source of pollution in the oceans, soil and waterways and eventually getting into the food chain, there is a need for switching over to more sustainable solutions.

Cotton bags are biodegradable and make a much better option for a pollution-free environment. Here’s a look at their benefits:


Since cotton bags are made of natural fibers, they degrade easily without harming the birds and animals that form part of the ecosystem. They can be used multiple times and can even be washed to prolong their life. Most retailers are turning towards the use of cotton bags as it reflects positively on them being a responsible company.

Smaller carbon footprint

Organic cotton bags are made from organically-cultivated cotton which doesn’t involve the use of harmful chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. It also uses less water for cultivation as compared to regular cotton cultivation. Organic cotton bags leave behind much smaller carbon footprints as compared to plastic bags which are mainly made from non-renewable by-products of crude oil. Finally, since most single-use plastic bags end up in landfills and waterways, they continue to pollute the earth for hundreds of years to come.


It’s estimated that around 500 billion plastic bags are manufactured annually, meaning 150 plastic bags per person/year or 22,000 plastic bags over a lifetime! Since most plastic bags are at risk of photodegradation, the resulting microparticles end up being ingested by birds, fishes and land animals. Thus, they enter the food chain and end up on your dinner plate too! These microparticles also kill many land and sea animals each year, including their young ones. By opting for organic cotton bags instead, you can contribute in a large way towards reducing pollution and saving the lives of these creatures.

Free Advertising

By buying cotton bags with your favorite brand embossed on it, you also provide free advertisement for the company wherever you go! Since these cotton bags can be easily tucked away into a tiny space in your purse, they are ideal for going on shopping trips too.