How Cotton Bags are Made

With people becoming more aware of the negative impacts of plastic bags on the environment and other living things, there has been a parallel increase in interest in sustainable bags. Cotton bags are made of natural materials that is biodegradable and can be easily recycled without harming the ecosystem.

The Making Process

Cotton fibers are harvested from cotton plants which can be grown organically or more profusely, with the use of chemicals (traditional cultivation method). The cotton balls are then separated from the seeds and put through the spinning process where they are spun into threads. After this comes the weaving process it is woven into fabric. The fabric is then cut into the appropriate shapes and stitched into bags.

Most organic cotton tote bags aren’t dyed and kept free of chemical usage. They come in natural cream-colored hues and are very sturdy too. However, this doesn’t mean that they cannot be dyed with attractive colors or logos and brand designs. The good thing about cotton bags is that they can be used a number of times for a wide variety of purposes. And when you are fed up of them, they can be reused again by shredding them to the thread level and then reshaping them into bags again.

Advantages of Cotton Bags

Cotton bags are strong and durable and are made of natural fibers. They can be made of organic cotton, recycled cotton or traditionally-grown cotton. Recycled cotton bags are made from reclaimed cotton scraps that have been re-spun into new yarn. Since cotton bags are made from natural fibers, they are biodegradable, renewable as well as recyclable.

Uses of Cotton Bags

Cotton bags can be used for multiple reasons – you can use them to go grocery shopping or on a trip to the gym or swimming pool. They can also be used as laundry bags to segregate your whites and colored clothes. They also make great storage bags – whether in the kitchen, the kid’s playroom or for staying tidy and organized in any part of the home.

Cotton bags are also ideal for picnic or a trip to the beach. And when you are done with them, you can use them as growbags and try out your green fingers!