How to Choose a Business Bag?

The bag that you carry to your place of business isn’t just an accessory to complete your ensemble, but also represents your ideology and what you stand for. Your business bag is an indispensable personal tool that accompanies you everywhere on a working day. When buying a business bag, you will find an endless variety of bags available. Choose one that fits your activities and daily requirements. Here are some key features to look out for:


Traditionally, business bags are on the larger size. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look pleasant or complement your style. It should equally look elegant and classy too.


The interiors of your bag define how well you manage your day. Aside from your laptop, there are umpteen other things you need to carry with you. Choose a bag with provision of pockets and divisions within that will enable you to store your pens, phones, ear phones, documents, business cards, etc., in a methodical manner.


Generally speaking, business bags are always on the larger side, no matter your profession. Dimensions should be the first element to be assessed when it comes to buying a bag, so check the exact measurements of your bag carefully before buying. It should have the capacity to comfortably accommodate A4-size papers and the size of your laptop (usually around 15-17 inches) – even if you don’t carry it to work daily.

How to Carry?

Over the shoulders, in your hands or under your arm? How you carry your business bag depends on your mode of transport, your comfort level and the kind of business you are in. While the shoulder strap works well for portability on a bike, a more formal business look requires bags with handles. For those undecided, some business bags come with both shoulder straps and handles so you can adapt to every occasion.


The life and quality of your bag is dependent on the material it’s made of. While leather is a good option, the treatment process involves lot of water and chemical use, leading to pollution. Bags made of PVC or PU are hardy, but not sustainable as they aren’t biodegradable. Go with business bags made of ‘green’ materials, so you reduce your carbon footprint.








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