Is it Necessary to Buy Laundry Bags?

There are certain items necessary for any home to function normally and smoothly. Though the list is long, interestingly, the laundry bag stands out. Instead of going for a laundry basket made of plastic – which is getting a bad rap these days due to increasing global plastic pollution – why not go for a cotton bag and use it for storing your dirty laundry.

These bags are cheap and very versatile in their use. If you are the type of person who wants to minimize their plastic footprints on the environment and wants to minimize plastic usage, then cotton bags are the best solution. Here is a look at some of the multiple uses of the humble cotton bag-cum-laundry bag:

Shopping bag – Cotton bags are great when going out shopping. They are light-weight and can be easily folded and tucked away into your pocket or purse. They are strong and can be used multiple times.

Storage bags – They also make excellent storage bags; they can be used for storing dry grocery items like potatoes and onions. Or you could even use them for storing your kid’s toys or accessories. When living in a small home, consider using them to store your shoes instead of on a space-hogging open shoe rack.

Beach bag – Cotton bags not only work great as laundry bags, but make great beach bags too! You could easily toss in your suntan cream, a book and a towel or even some beach toys for your kids, and you would be all set for some quality time by the sea!

Library bag – Cotton bags may look flimsy, but they are strong enough to handle the weight of some books. So when heading out to the library, just tuck a cotton bag in your pocket and you are all set to borrow books for a good weekend read!

Gym bag – Cotton bags also make great gym bags as you can easily toss in your towel and some fresh clothes and head out to the gym.

And aside from all these functions, cotton bags make excellent laundry bags too. So why waste money on a fancy laundry basket when you can easily use an environment-friendly cotton bag instead!


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