Live in a World Free from Non-biodegradable Plastics

As the saying goes, with every rose, there is a thorn to contend with too. So also is the case of the modern wonder called plastic. Being a light weight impermeable material, it is ideal for storage purposes, whether it’s for storing food, medicines, or healthcare products. It has become the go-to solution for almost everything and mankind seems to have become totally dependent on it.

The downside to plastic use however is that it’s toxic to our environment and can take around 400 years to decompose. And with most of the world disposing off their single-use plastics directly into the environment, its having a detrimental effect on our flora and fauna. With plastic trash being strewn everywhere, tiny microplastic particles are permeating our water and soil and destroying the ecosystem.

Its high time the world got together to say ‘no’ to single-use plastics and practice the same too. Here are some ways you can reduce your dependency on plastics too:

1. Say NO to bottled water. Instead use a steel, copper or glass bottle for storing your water. Keep a reusable bottle in the car too, so you never have to buy bottled water in single-use plastic bottles.

2. Avoid convenience foods like frozen and pre-cooked foods, as these come packaged in thin single-use plastics. Its healthier to invest a little time and prepare your food at home instead.

3. Go with re-usable, non-plastic containers. Stainless steel lunch boxes are just as effective as plastic lunch boxes for carrying food to school or work. And when it comes to storing your spices and cereals at home, glass mason jars are just as good, if not better!

4. When going out shopping, have a reusable bag handy. Single-use shopping bags offered by shops and supermarkets are major contributors to environmental poisoning as most plastic bags are disposed off irresponsibly.

5. Always looks for alternatives to plastics or lower use of plastics. Bulk shopping means that mush less usage of plastic packaging material when compared to smaller packs of the same. It also means fewer times to the supermarket, saving you on time and fuel!

Make ‘Plastic-free’ the new ‘No-carbs’ fad!

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