Types of Packaging Boxes

The world has truly become a global village with commerce being a common factor between nations. Packaging plays a big role when it comes to transportation of products from one place to another and boxes or cartons are the ideal go-to product. These paper-based packaging comes with different names including cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes, folding cartons, paperboard boxes, rigid boxes, etc.

Importance of Packaging

With all kinds of goods moving across countries and over the borders, the importance of packaging cannot be over-emphasized. Not only does packaging provide protection to the product as it travels from the manufacturer to the store shelf, but it also ensures product safety as well as perishability. With so many goods always on the move, packaging needs to be made of a material that isn’t toxic to the environment, doesn’t lead to more pollution and is easily biodegradable. Packaging boxes tick all these requirements.

Some of these boxes are even made from recycled paper pulp. There are three distinct types of paper pulp packaging boxes of varying thickness, and here’s a look at them:

Paperboard Cartons

Paperboard boxes or folding cartons, are made of paper pulp and are among the commonest type of packaging used in retailing. The cereal package is a typical example of foldable cartons that can be easily collapsed too.

Rigid Boxes (set-up boxes)

As the name suggests, these boxes are sturdier and cannot be collapsed easily. They are usually used for more high-end products that require more support and are designed to carry products of greater value – such as smartphones. Another common example of rigid boxes is the ubiquitous shoe box that always finds some other use once it comes home! Generally speaking, rigid boxes are used for packaging expensive products.

Corrugated Boxes

Also known as corrugated board boxes or combined board boxes, you will most probably know them as brown cardboard boxes normally used for packing large appliances or when moving house. The strength in this type of boxes comes from its unique three-layered structure. The outer two layers are flat sheets while the middle layer is fluted or wavy in shape and provides strength and the ability to absorb shock.

These paper pulp packaging boxes are the best as they are environment-friendly too!