Uses of Reusable Bags

We are all guilty of having a stash of single-use plastic bags left over from shopping trips. These plastic bags are a curse to our natural environment as they take hundreds of years to degrade and end up poisoning our soil and water systems. A smarter way out is to invest in reusable bags. They are made of natural fibers and can be used for a variety of purposes – so you don’t resort to using plastic bags. Here’s a look at various uses of the versatile reusable bags:

Shopping bag – They are small enough to be folded and tucked into your purse, and large enough to accommodate your grocery shopping. You also get to save on the charge for plastic carry bags in stores.

Diaper bagsReusable bags make excellent diaper bags. They are ideal for carrying the bunch of things that need to be taken for any outing with the baby.

Beach bag – The best part of using a reusable bag for the beach is you don’t have to worry overmuch about ruining the bag at the beach – as it isn’t expensive! And it’s also large enough to carry a towel, a good book as well as other beach paraphernalia.

Gym bag – A reusable bag is spacious enough to throw in your gym clothes and can be easily squeezed in anywhere. You don’t really need a duffel bag to go to the gym.

Travel bag – A reusable bag is bigger than a purse and ideal for a plane or train trip- alone or with family. You can easily keep a book inside aside from the necessary documents, or even some snacks for when you are feeling famished.

Overnight bag – If you or your kids are going for a pajama party or a sleepover at a friend’s place, the reusable bag comes in handy again as it’s spacious enough to keep a change of clothes, nightwear and toiletries.

Clutter-free – Clutter can arise everywhere – in the car, in the kid’s room, in the utilities room, etc. A sturdy reusable bag comes in handy here as all kinds of things can be stored inside to maintain tidiness. Use it to store old clothes, handicraft supplies, or simple knickknacks.

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