What is a Tote Bag?

With more people becoming conscious of their environment, they have been increasingly switching over to tote bags made of eco-friendly materials such as cotton or jute. These bags are definitely in fashion now, not only due to their being environment-friendly, but also because they look good and are versatile in their use.

Tote bags are usually large in size and open at the top. These reusable bags are sometimes simply referred to as cotton bags, jute bags or canvas bags and are popularly used for shopping purposes. But that’s not all there is to these adaptable bags. Here’s what makes tote bags the new accessory for every occasion:

Size and shape

Tote bags are large bags that can carry all the things you may need for the day – whether its for your all-girls outing, shopping or hitting the gym. Totes usually are a single-pocket bag with fathomless depths that can carry all kinds of stuff. The best part is their wide opening at the top which are usually unfastened, enabling you to search easily for anything on the go.


While tote bags come in numerous sizes and multiple uses, they present a picture of rugged beauty that can complement any style. Durable for long periods of time, Tote bags come in multiple colors with interesting logos and prints that make a fashion statement.

Multitude uses

Because of their large cavernous interiors and large straps that make them easy to hang off the shoulder, tote bags can be used for multiple purposes. The wide opening allows easy viewing and access to the bag’s interiors, making them the perfect bag to carry around. Aside from its common use as a grocery bag, tote bags can also be used as a replacement to the handbag. Here’s a look at different uses of the universal tote bag:

  • Go shopping with your tote bag
  • Use it as your easy-to-access gym bag
  • Works great as a beach bag to carry your towel and beach paraphernalia
  • Use totes on picnics instead of cumbersome picnic baskets
  • Store your dirty laundry
  • Carry your lunch to school or work

All-in-all, tote bags provide the best environment-friendly solution to your everyday needs!

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