Why Are Cotton Bags Better Than Plastic?

With all the global debates raging around sustainability and the need to move away from over-dependence on plastics, it’s becoming a common sight these days to see shoppers with their own cotton tote bags. Of course, stricter regulations, taxes and outright bans by some countries, have further helped in people turning away from the usage of plastic bags.

Cotton vs. Plastic

But then the question arises as to why cotton bags are considered a better option than plastic ones. Here’s a look at some solid reasons that make cotton a better choice:


Plastic carry bags are used for a maximum of 15 minutes, after which they are discarded – but then they need another 1000 years to decompose! As they decompose, they leach out toxic chemicals into the environment which are harmful to all lifeforms. In such a scenario, cotton bags are a much better option as they are organic and can decompose easily without harming mother nature.


Unlike plastic bags, cotton bags are strong and durable. They can be used for up to a year – provided you maintain them well. Plastic bags on the other hand, are single-use with an average person discarding around 700 plastic bags a year! As only about 1% of these plastic bags are recycled, the rest pollute the waterways and soil. Thus, opting for cotton bags will help in the reduction of plastic waste dramatically.


While it might take less energy and resources to make plastic bags, the excessive numbers of plastic bags needed by an average person overcomes their usefulness. Around 500 million plastic bags are used annually on a global scale and this means a significant usage of fossil fuel resources. Since organic cotton totes aren’t resource-heavy, they are the ideal replacement for plastic bags!


It’s estimated that around 8 million pieces of plastics enter the oceans daily. Not only that, millions of dollars are spent every year to clean up this plastic waste from the cities and waterways. You would be doing the world a big favor by avoiding the use of plastic bags in the first place!

Opting for cotton tote bags will not only save the world for your children, but also the earth’s flora and fauna!