How to be an Eco-Friendly Backpacker?

Life indeed begins at the end of your comfort zone and travel widens your horizons. However, the excitement of planning a trip and exploring new destinations should not harm the environment. Check out these tips to be an eco-friendly backpacker:

Avoid single-use plastics

Did you know that the plastic water bottle you discarded could take more than 400 years to decompose? Now multiply it with all the plastic water bottles you have used in your travels and the statistics could be startling. While plastic products are easy to carry and easier to discard, avoid single-use plastics items on your trips. Go for longer-lasting biodegradable materials. This helps in reducing the pollution at the pristine spots you are visiting and ensuring that they remain verdant and beautiful as you found them.

Be transport conscious

Did you know that travel accounts for one of the biggest impacts on your carbon footprint? Given the time at hand, always opt for ground travel while on trips. Do short distances on foot. They not only help you hit your 10k steps easily but also reduce the carbon footprint. If a trip is too long to walk, use shared transport apps or online pages to connect with other travellers and split your carbon footprint in half.

Shop local

Picking up souvenirs is part of every trip. Shop locally. Buying souvenirs from local markets helps the economy in those destinations too. Go in for eco-friendly materials to carry home as souvenirs.

Stay in eco-friendly accommodation

Terms like responsible, safe trips and sustainable travel options are in vogue these days. Opt for accommodation that allows you eco-friendly options. The bottom line? Be a conscious traveller.

Consider your electricity use

Always remember that electricity use has to be conscious. Switch off the TV and AC when you are not using them. The same applies to other electric appliances too.

So, before planning your next trip, remember to be a conscious traveller. A traveller who constantly asks himself these two important questions. How is my trip going to affect local people here? How is this going to affect the environment? These require patience and continuous effort – however, once you master the art, life and travelling as an eco-friendly backpacker will become easy.