Why the Future Is Cotton?

Over the years, mother nature has been increasingly abused by non-degradable, petrochemical-based plastic products that have only succeeded in polluting the oceans and land. It is choking plant and animal life alike and the time has come when a change is urgently required.

An increasing need for using renewable resources that are responsibly produced and are biodegradable is the need of the hour. Every individual and organization needs to do their bit to support the planet and reverse the gross evidences of pollution in the environment.

A sustainable future starts with cotton

While making sustainable choices can be challenging, cotton presents the ideal solution as it has all the required qualities needed for an environmentally safe product. It offers natural plant-based fibers that are sustainable, renewable, biodegradable and don’t harm the eco-system. On the other hand, the current dependence on plastic fibers is plastic based, meaning it’s produced from non-renewable resources, is non-biodegradable and will stay in the environment. Plastics cause pollution by strangling plant roots and poisoning the soil while in the water bodies, they can be consumed by fishes and waterbirds, eventually killing them.

History of cotton

First evidence of cotton was found in Mexican caves around 7000 years ago. The Egyptians are credited with cultivating cotton around 3000 years back and using it to weave cotton cloth. It came to Europe in 800AD and by the 1500s’ it had spread around the world. Today its the world’s most important natural fiber and its cultivation is being continuously improved as a sustainable resource for making consumer products.

Need of the hour

Plastic products, especially plastic carry bags are choking up our oceans and rivers. Its affecting the lives of animals, birds and ocean creatures adversely, with many species touted to disappear. Its time to mend these mistakes and turn to more sustainable products that will fulfill the needs of the present, without compromising on the needs of the future generations.

Cotton is touted as the future of sustainability as its production doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment and it can be used in multiple ways. Turning to reusable cotton bags in favor of plastic carry bags is an important route to reducing the rampaging plastic pollution too.





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